Weather in Lucknow: Get the Current Weather of Lucknow in the Header Section

It is so easy to ask Google about how is the weather in any part of the world in Google comes up with the answer. Weather is one of the critical factors in planning a trip. It helps you pack your bags accordingly.

Weather is also essential for people who are living in the City, as they can also plan accordingly when they are stepping out of their homes. So we have embedded the current weather information in the header of our website Lucknow tips.

Its a dynamic widget that keeps on changing and gives you accurate weather information collected from a trustable source.

How is the weather in Lucknow?

Not talking about in more general since the weather in Lucknow is Priti predictable throughout the year. The temperature rises to 45 ° Celsius in the summers, which is May and June. I would recommend you avoid these both months if you want to travel to Lucknow and if it is not essential.

Before, and after May and June, which is April and July, why the weather is less punishing, the climate of April is pretty predictable where the temperature doesn’t always go beyond 35 degrees. People start requiring air conditioners as a fan is not sufficient for comfortable sleep.

But stepping outside is still bearable in comparison to May and June.

Talking about July, people start getting desperate, waiting for the rain. And if it rains, it becomes humid, which is unbearable when you are indoors.

August and September are bearable but not comfortable when you are indoor without any air conditioner, although the evenings are great. People who talk about the magic of Shaam-e-Awadh I have enjoyed their evenings in August or September because people desperately wait for the sun to go down.

October is the most comfortable, both indoors and outdoors, 95% of the people turn off their air conditioners in October. 5% are the ones who like to have their blankets on.

By the start of November, you would require warmer clothes, especially in the mornings. Even the evening start getting colder by the end of November.

By the start of December, you start to enjoy the sun, and it is fantastic to wander on the streets of Lucknow, or go shopping. If it’s a cloudy day, a hot beverage is your best friend. Nights are colder, but you wouldn’t require a room warmer.

January is chilling. There is so much of dense fog on roads, in the morning and evening. It’s mostly cloudy, and it’s a rare occasion to see the sun in the sky. Schools that get closed after Christmas, remain closed, primary schools extend their dates to open on the orders of DM.

I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t visit Lucknow in winters, particularly in January, but you wouldn’t enjoy as much as you can in August, September October November, February, March, and April.

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