Lucknow is home of around 2.8 million people, it’s what the Wikipedia says, which is pretty reliable source for such data.

A little bit of playing around Facebook tells you 1.6 Million people l Living in or Born in Lucknow are on Facebook.

My point is, there are 1.6 Million out of 2.8 Million people of Lucknow are using the Internet but if we look for the Lucknow centric content, it’s not much.

Surely there are a few portals which can tell you which is the best x place to do y thing, most of them are pretty generic and lacking the feel of a story or the personal experience.

You might argue with me that a lot has been written about Lucknow on the Internet, but I can bet my life the fact that they lack the emotional quotient, most of it fail to offer the experience that would allure someone to live it.

Thankfully, times are changing, and there are many new bloggers emerging in Lucknow who can solve this problem by writing about Lucknow and sharing their experiences, giving a personal touch to it.

I met with this Blogger Couple in the BlogTalk event, which was perhaps the First big event for upcoming Bloggers and YouTubers, they were there to talk about their new Web Series called ‘Lucknow Meri Nazar Se

The Trailer of Series is already out, you can watch it below.

The first episode will stream on 15th October 2017 i.e. Sunday 9AM and the rest of the episodes on a weekly basis every Sunday for the four consecutive weeks.

I just couldn’t stop myself from asking more about the ‘Lucknow Meri Nazar Se’ web series. Vishu & Saumya are a Married Couple who work as a team on their blog called Road to Taste.

Here are few things I asked them which think you too might be interested in knowing.

So How did you guys get into blogging in the first place? and what’s you blog about?

We love to explore both popular and not-so-popular destinations, try all kinds of food from street food to a five star dine-in and share our stories with everyone

Blogging is an outcome of our passion for travel and food. While Saumya loves to travel, Vishu is a big time foodie. Apart from trying different cuisines and exploring different destinations, we wanted to share our travel stories with the world and try to motivate them to travel as much as possible.

the famous Rumi Darwaza, a still from the Trailer of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se | Roat to taste

We wanted to tell that if we could manage our travel plans along with managing a full time IT job, possibly everyone can. Our blog RoadtoTaste is about Travel, Food and Lifestyle.

We love to explore both popular and not-so-popular destinations, try all kinds of food from street food to a five star dine-in and share our stories with everyone. Saumya’s love for photography and Vishu’s flair to pen down his thoughts gave birth to RoadtoTaste.

How did you come up with the idea of ‘Lucknow Meri Nazar Se’

As we both have been born and raised in Lucknow, Lucknow has and will always be close to our hearts. However, today, when we search for Lucknow on the internet, all we find is old Lucknow, Bada Imambada or Sarangi.

The famous Rumi Darwaza, a still from the Trailer of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se | Roat to taste

Nobody talks about the transformation Lucknow has gone through in the past decade. The advancements in the city both technologically and geographically over the past few years is the reason for us presenting Lucknow Meri Nazar Se.

We want to present Lucknow in an all new light, a part that has never been seen in the past and something that all Lucknowites will be proud of.

Why A Web Series? Why Not a Full Length Documentary?

Documentary sounds boring whereas web-series is fun. Showing Lucknow transform over the tenure of 5 weeks will help people understand and relate more to the changes this city has gone through. From the golden era and chikankari to the present Metro Day, we have it all

Janeshwar Misra Park, still from the Trailer of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se | Roat to taste

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What things can we expect to watch in the Web Series?

The first and foremost thing we have attempted is to show the tremendous change and growth this city has gone through.

This is no longer the city of only Nawabs and Kebabs and that’s what has been featured beautifully in our web-series.

We will be featuring the best of places to visit, the best places to hangout and the awesome delicacies to be savoured during the course of our journey.

How tough, easy, fun, tiring it was to Shoot the Web Series?

Shooting the web-series was more of fun and less of trouble. All thanks to UP Tourism (they are our tourism partners) and Hon’ble Tourism Minister Dr. Rita Bahuguna Joshi ji who helped us in getting the necessary permissions on time, always.

We can never forget the support of AS Photography team led by Mr. Abhishek Shastri who made sure our vision was captured exactly as we wanted.

Also, all our partners Novotel, Nikon India, Honor and others have helped us in all the necessary arrangements timely to help us shoot this web-series.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of LucknowTips (who are mostly from Lucknow itself)

Yes, Lucknow has played a major role in making us what we are today we would request all the readers of Lucknow Tips to be thankful to whatever this city has given to us or will offer in future.

janeshwar Misra park, a still from the Trailer of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se | Roat to taste

Try and keep the city clean and appreciate what we have in it. With loads of hangout places opened up in the city, we are sure the people of Lucknow will have a great time here in the times to come.

Also, please don’t forget to watch our trailer of Lucknow Meri Nazar Se if you haven’t and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Happy LucknowTipping!

So guys, the web series start from 15th October. Make sure you go and Subscribe to their channel and enable the notifications to watch the web series.

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