7 Young Youtubers From Lucknow You Must Follow

It’s 2017 and YouTube is one of the most used apps on everybody’s mobile phones.

Part of the credit goes to Jio’s unlimited data plans and part of the credit goes to shitty programs on the TV

YouTube is where you can watch any type of content you want anywhere you want.

Global or local, YouTube has it all. Thanks to the wonderful creators on Youtube we never get bored.

So when you have the choice to watch anything, why not pick some homegrown creators and enjoy their content.

In this post, I’m listing out some of the best Youtubers from Lucknow. Check out their amazing work and give them a subscribe.

The Troll Tuber (Karan Lakhmani)

Karan is a 20 something Stand up comedian who runs an Instagram account with some beautiful captures in and around the city.

He is an entertainer, I’ve actually seen him perform live at the launch of Coffee Culture, Lucknow. He got some good stuff.

And btw he also has a YouTube channel, the Troll Tuber. His channel falls in the genre of comedy sketches and monologues, or as the millennials call it, Vines.

His recent video on the popular Song Desoicato is going strong.

Simply Owsum Stranger (SOS) 

Aquib is the guy behind SOS, an energetic 20 something fellow who just loves to make people laugh with his videos.

His pranks videos create a lot of buzz across social media, probably because they are so relatable. While we could categorize his channel in the pranks category, I found some really thoughtful videos as well, one of them has got over 3 million views already.

His video a convey social message in the nicely humorous way. One such video is about what not to do in Lucknow Metro, which is quite hilarious and yet sends a message of keeping our City civilised.

Colours & Creations 

Colours & Creations YouTube Channel belongs to Shweta Verma, she is a passionate Dancer (with a beautiful smile) and that’s what she does in her videos, Dance passionately.

Though she calls herself an Amateur, her dance move is no less impressive than a professional dancer, I think those 8 million people would agree who collectively account for the views her Dance videos got.

Her Creative Endeavours and not just limited to Dance Covers, she also has Fashion & Beauty tips to share, which I think all the Lucknow Girls would appreciate.

Jade (Poorvi Naithani) 

Poorvi Naithani is a singer and performs around the coolest places in Lucknow. On her YouTube channel, you’ll mostly find Covers for popular songs like Shape of You, It Ain’t Me and Taylor Swift songs.

She is more into western music but it’s just a start of her career, perhaps we would see some Hindi covers too, Maybe we’ll see that in future.

And apart from cover songs she also shares some fashion tips, perhaps she should also be on the list of Fashion Bloggers from Lucknow. Whatever it is, her channel is worth subscribing to.

Toxic Teens

Run by two college going boys, the Toxic teens brings some really great videos to their YouTube channel.

When I asked them about how the name Toxic Teens came from. They quickly replied Zehreelay Launday

It took me a while to realize that Toxic Teens is translated to Zehreeley Launday, a local slang which beyond words to describe, but I am certain that Lucknow people know it well.

Their recent video about the Blue Whale Challenge Game is quite Zehreeli, it makes you laugh and also educates you about the Evil Game.

Sharmaji Ki Vines 

In all the loud music and frenzied crowd at the Coffee Culture Launch and YouTubers’ Meet, the guy who was enjoying the event quietly is Arpit Sharma who runs Sharmaji Ki Vines.

It’s not hard to guess where the name comes from, *wink*. But in the World full of Viners and Gurujis, we have our very own Viner from Lucknow.

He is just starting out, and uses his Mobile Phone to Record and Edit the video, but his quality of videos is improving with every new video.

UP Waley Laundey

Finally, the UP Waley Launday, has a team of 4 people managing this awesome channel. They mainly have comedy sketches, but also make Social Awareness videos.

Imagine how cool it would be if your Favourite YouTubers like Amit Badana, Ashish and BeYouNick make videos you can relate to?

Well, the Up Walay Launday do exactly that, make videos that are so much relatable for a Lucknowite. As the name suggests, their content revolves around UP.

I could only get to talk with the bearded guy, who looks very much BeYouNick, perhaps he should do a spoof video as well, I’m gonna share the hell out of it if he makes it.

So, this is the list of some amazing YouTubers form Lucknow you must follow for some high-quality local content. I know there might be much more and I am going to add them if they serve your attention. 

For now, do share this list with your friends and family to let them know Lucknow is not far behind other cities and we too have got some really great content creators in town. 

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