What Lucknow is Famous For?

How was going through some questions about Lucknow on Google and came across a bunch of them, so I thought why not start a series about Lucknow Tips Answers, maybe answer the all the curious questions people have about Lucknow.

Here is today’s question which is what Lucknow is famous for?

Lucknow is famous for a lot of things.

The Food

When it comes to food, it is famous for Kulcha Nihari, the Lucknowi biryani, the galawati Kabab, Makhan Malai (available only in winers).

These are a few of the things that come to my mind instantly when people ask me about what Lucknow is actually famous for.

Apart from all these foods, Lucknow is developing at a faster rate and there are all new things that are opening almost every month.

In fact, we did a round-up of the best cafe in Lucknow that we came across in Lucknow. In all though it is an ongoing process and still exploring many of them.

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The Things

When it comes to things, Lucknow is famous for its Chikan embroidery. No not the chicken that you eat for dinner, not the chicken of butter chicken butter.

Chikan is a type of embroidery that is done mostly on cotton cloth. So the chicken suits are quite popular among women.

Lucknow’s Aminabad Area, are there old Lucknow Chowk area have the markets where you will find a lot of shops showing you dozens of different designs in Chikan embroidery then take home.

If you are a man, the options are limited, but you can still get Chikan embroidery Kurta (Pyjama) for yourself. Or maybe even a Shirt (if that’s still in fashion).

The Places

Not talking about places, the tourist attraction has always been the old architecture from the 17th and 18th century.

There is Bada Imambara, then there is Chota Imambara then there is Akbari Gate, all situated nearby Husenabad area in old Lucknow.

We have already published of you list compiling all the best places you must visit if you come to Lucknow.

And if you want to prioritise is you can do it by focusing only on the old architecture which is quite sufficient to mesmerize you and remember Lucknow for a really long time.

So now you know what Lucknow is famous for. You can check out more on service in our series of LucknowTipsAnsweres

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