Can’t Travel Out of Lucknow? Here’s A Weekend Getaway That’s Still (Technically) Out of Lucknow

It is sad none of us can travel because of the Global pandemic of the coronavirus. It is quite a shame because 2020 was the year to travel, wasn’t it one of your new year’s resolutions?

Well, you still can technically go out of Lucknow and not exactly out of Lucknow at the same time. And you do not need to ask or beg for leaves, because well most of us are working from home and those who are not they can still plan at the weekends because we are talking about a place which is just in the radius of 50 km from Lucknow.

After seeing many people sharing their Instagram stories, I decided to try and planned a surprise birthday party for my friend.

Here is a tour video from the property when we stayed there during the weekend.

The name of the farm is Colnel Farm. Of the property is spread across 8 acres of farm land, and the house is a two story and there are two rooms on the first floor are available for the guests.

Charges to rent the farmhouse is pretty cost-effective at Rs 3000 per night for group of 6 people. The rooms are attached bathroom and there is kitchen as well in case if you want to cook something for yourself and enjoy a perfect Homestay vacation.

If you do not want to cook for yourself, you can tell them before hand and they will arrange for you, the males are charged per person basis.

So basically rupees 3000 is based here to rent out the farmhouse, in the end there are add ons like food, fresh cow milk, extra activities like, rain dance, boating etc.

There is a small pond, and there is plenty of space to sit outside and chill, in winters you can do Bonfire as well.  We actually brought our own barbecue and green some chicken while hanging out by the pond at the night.

How to book the property?

The location of the property isn’t available on Google Maps, for some reason they want it to be a secret hideout, which sounds quite adventurous. You can get in touch with them on their Instagram page.

How to reach the property?

After telling your requirements we can make the payment and the the instructions to reach the property will be shared with you.

It is on the outskirts of Lucknow with no cab services available, and it is advisable you have your own vehicle. We solely depended on Google Maps, and in the end, it brought us to the property from the wrong side.

The road was muddy and still under construction, so it is advisable to contact the property’s host of the property e when you are two or three kilometers away from it.

What other options do we have for weekend getaways from Lucknow?

Lucknow city geographically placed at such a convenient spot on the map of India, it makes it easy to live the kind of life you want.

Go 500 kilometers up North you reach India’s capital city, go 500 kilometers is up North East, and reach the Kumaon region’s beautiful mountains.

And when you plan to travel the southeast region, you reached Varanasi, one of India’s oldest cities and their religious half that attracts a lot of tourists from across the globe.

According to the government guidelines, people are free to visit within the state and even outside, depending on the host state’s guidelines.

By looking at the growing number of coronavirus cases, it is advisable to avoid travelling until we can see the curve getting flattened.

Once this covid-19 situation is somewhat controlled, we will resume about Travels, and indeed write down and make videos about the Travels we do and share proper details of the same.

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