Get a Virtual Tour of the Lucknow City with Lucknow Tips

Welcome to the Virtual tour of Lucknow city by Lucknow tips. It’s been two years since we started the website, and since a lot of people are not interested in reading and more interesting in watching we have to start our YouTube channel as well.

We have created a lot of content around the Lucknow on the YouTube channel. And we have recently started creating virtual towards as well. Please virtual towards our 360 ° videos of places in Lucknow, and you can watch them on YouTube.

To get the best experience of watching virtual towards I suggest you watch it on your mobile phone since you can move your smartphone around and it will show you the entire 360 ° view.

You can also get a VR headset which is quite affordable these days. Here is a list of some of the best VR headset available in India under Rs 2000

In this Virtual tour, we are going to roam around the Janeshwar Mishra Park which is said to be Asia’s 10th largest Park.

(We recommend to watch it in YouTube app on mobile)

The Janeshwar Mishra Park is named after Janeshwar Mishra, who was an MP from Uttar Pradesh, and also a Samajwadi party leader.

An artificial lake has been created in the middle of Janeshwar Mishra Park, where you can also have boating experience.

The park is spread across more than 350 acres, and you can easily spend your entire day roaming around the park.

But if you want you can also cycle your way around, buy cycles are available for rent at gate number 4. The charges Rs 20/hour, you need to deposit rupees hundred before taking the bike, along with the photo ID proof of the person who is taking the bike.

So, this was the Virtual tour of the Janeshwar Mishra Park. I hope you like this Virtual tour. You can subscribe to the channel for more Virtual tour around Lucknow city.






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