WATCH: 8 Things You Should Avoid Doing in Lucknow Metro

So a few days ago, I shared the experience of my first ride in Lucknow Metro, it was indeed a wonderful experience.

At the end of the article, I mentioned the how some people are making remarks like Lucknow people do not deserve the Metro, they are going to ruin it.

While the Majority of people in Lucknow would be all behaved and civilised as they are, there is no Denying our city is also full of uncivilised people, and the red Paan, Pukar and Gutkha patches of the wall is a proof of that.

Such people surely need a lesson in being civilised in knowing how to behave, not just in Lucknow Metro but anywhere else.

Kudos to Aquib from Simply Awesome Stranger YouTube Channel, for making a video about this issue. Watch it below.

Share this video with as much people you can and help making our city more clean, civilised and well behaved.

BTW, Aquib is one of the awesome YouTubers from Lucknow you must follow






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