The Less Known Riverfront You Must Visit At Least Once in Lucknow

I am sure you may have visited the Gomtinagar Riverfront many times, it is one of the best places in Lucknow to hang out with friends and family.

Even we have added to it several of our lists. It quite awesome to chill at that place, but,

Did you know about the Other Side of the Riverfront?

It’s the other side of the Gomti Riverfront which looks amazing in the evening.

Yes, it’s actually very little known, because I’ve been visiting it since last year or so and I hardly see anyone going there.

It’s actually the extension of the Gomti Riverfront, and if you decide to walk north of the Riverfront, you will get there.

Another way is to go from the Ambedkar Parkside. I’ll put the Google Maps link at the end of this article, simply click on it and find your way to it.

It’s the place where you can ride your bicycle up to the Riverbank. Not sure it is allowed or not but the Guard didn’t say anything to me for riding there. So, I take that as a Yes.

Cycles are harmless to nature anyway. 😉

The Sunsets are amazing at Riverfront

It’s a lonely place and you can easily hear birds chirping, which is amazing, You can actually sit down and enjoy the Sun going down.

I’ve been there several times and clicked a few pictures, even shot a video recently. Didn’t have my dSLR with me.

You can’t really know when the inspiration strikes and you get creative. So I shot the video using the Mobile phone I was using at the time.

Watch the Video of the Other side of the Riverfront

Exact Location, Follow on Google Maps ➜ Explore Lucknow, and places around it, with me.

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