The Food Street of Bhootnath Market in Lucknow | The Food Walks by LucknowTips

Lucknow is known for many things, but when it comes to food, Only a handful of places like Tunday Kebabi represent Lucknow outside of the city.

But the flavour of a city is found in the street food. With our new series of The Food Walk, we present the Lucknow which only known to the insiders.

Not so long ago, we did a post about the best places to Eat in Lucknow, while it offered some of the best places for you to have some delicious meals in Lucknow, we think it’a just not enough of what the city has to offer.

So we came up with a series of videos called ‘The Food Walk

And this is the first episode of the series. In this first episode of the Food Walk, we explore the Street food of Bhootnadh Market. It’s the market listed under top 10 markets in Lucknow for Shopping but it also offers different kinds of food.

Watch the video and enjoy,

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