There is no city like Lucknow. Of course, I may be biased because I’ve been living here for last 6 years.

And if you’ve been living in Lucknow also, you will agree on these 6 signs the city has spoiled you for the rest of your life. So much that it will be tough to live and adjust in a new city which is not Lucknow.

The Mouthwatering Variety of Kebabs

Because where else you will get such amazing variety of Kebabs to munch on.

Be it the Galauti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs or the Tunday Kebabs, each one of kebabs has a different set of emotions attached to it.

It’s Easy Pace

When I first came to Lucknow from Delhi, the pace of life felt slow, but I’ve kind of adjusted to the easy pace of life.

So much that all other metropolitan cities, especially Delhi, is too fast to live your life.

The Fact that you can travel around in a Cycle Rikshaw

It’s big enough to have it’s own Metro train and small enough to travel from one corner to another. You can actually use the popular Cycle Rikshaws to travel places. Which is pretty awesome.

The Adab and Tehzeeb of Lucknow is nowhere to be matched

Source: Flickr

The Lucknow City is far beyond the regular Tu-Tadaap, one simply does not talk to anyone without adding bhaijan, bhai, boss, and it’s always Pehle App. (okay, not always but still).

Even the cursing comes with a sense of etiquettes.  This is Lucknow for you ladies and Gentlemen.

The Variety of Mughlai Food Available in Lucknow

Lucknow is a heaven for Foodies, it is one of the oldest cities of India with rich cultural heritage and food.

And the variety of Mughlai food is nowhere to be found, you will find so many amazing restaurants serving delicious food that you’ll find excuses to eat out.

The Bhaukaal that everyone has in Lucknow

Source: Youtube

The Tashan or Swag, as the millennials say it, is on full volume in Lucknow. I’ve never met a person in Lucknow who doesn’t believe in living without Bhaukaal.

Watch: People of Lucknow explaining what is Bhaukaal

You have connections with big shots in the city, and you have a level of confidence in living in the Lucknow city.

If you can relate to these signs, you are definitely going to have a tough time living in another city for sure, I’ve tried.


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