Momo Corner | Lucknow’s Best Place to Have Veg Momos| The Foodwalk Episode 02

So, we are back with yet another episode of Lucknow Foodwalk.

In the 2nd Episode of the Food Walk, we bring you Momo Corner, it’s Lucknow’s one of the best places to have Momos and other Fast Food items.

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Near Shaktinagar Dhaal on Faizabad Road, the place can be easily located.

They have seating arrangements as well and the food is quite delicious. If you love street food, you are going to love Momo Corner. I’ve been visiting the place for quite some time now.

My first visit was, perhaps in 2014, when my search for the best Momos in Lucknow was still going on, this place kind of Ended it.

I am very certain that once you try it here, you will love it and the bar for best Momos will be raised forever.

Watch the 2nd Episode on The Lucknow Foodwalk, (Direct link to YouTube)

We try to bring you the best street food places every weekend, and the episodes go live on Monday (yes, the editing takes time). You can give us suggestions on what things you want to get covered and other Lucknowites need to know about it.

And as always, Muskurate Rahiye, kyunki Aap Lucknow Mein Hain.

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