Lucknow’s Famous Makkhan Malai in Chowk | The Food Walk Lucknow Episode 06

When the season of the city transitions into winter there are many noticeable things in the City has to offer. And one such thing is the Makhan Malai in the Chowk area of old Lucknow.

Having lived in the city for last 7 years, I heard about it many times, but since I am not a fan of sweets I couldn’t motivate myself been up to make a visit.

But this changed with the Inception of Lucknow tips which was created with the motive of putting everything Lucknow has to offer at one place.

It is much bigger than me, so I had to keep my laziness aside and make time to visit and cover the Makhan Malai, a special dessert that is only available in the winters and is a specialty of Lucknow.

Watch the 6th episode of the food walk will be covered this delicious dessert.

So far we have done over a dozen episodes of the food Park that is all available on average YouTube channel in case if you are interested in watching those videos.

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