Lucknow Ki Chand Raat – A Glimpse of Aminabad

The month of Ramzan as a whole is observed with quite an enthusiasm and excitement in the areas like Aminabad and other parts of Old Lucknow.

It is a perfect time to enjoy the nightlife of Lucknow along with friends and family.

I too have been roaming around with my friends after the night prayers, I even made a vlog about it on the YouTube channel, and since every night routine was almost similar, you can get an idea about it by watching the vlog.

In the month of Ramzan, every abled Muslim has to keep fast between the sunrise and sunset.

Although it becomes quite tiring for the entire month, the sheer excitement of having to feast in the evening keeps us going.

This excitement can be seen In the Bazaar of Amibanad during the night, and as the Eid approaches, the market keeps getting crowded with every passing day.

And on the Chand Raat, the night before the Eid, it becomes the most crowded Night of the entire year, the people coming out of their homes to celebrate, feast on the delicious food, shops for new clothes for the festival, and things for the household.

Here is a video that I created while roaming around in the Chand Raat, take a look at the glimpse of Aminabad.






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