Those of us who are living in Lucknow, we often take things for Granted, for example, the popular historical places.

As the new structures and parks have been formed we often tend to forget the ones Lucknow is famous for.

Two Singaporeans travelled to India and Captured the country for their travel series. And Lucknow is featured in one of them.

Experience Lucknow from the eyes of these Singaporeans.

The video features popular places like the Bada Imambara and the bhool bhulaiya.

Even the foreigner where to visit first when you land in Lucknow. Tunday Kebabi.

Obviously, how can you miss this place?

And it’s a shame if you have been to Lucknow and haven’t tried the Tunday Kebabi even once. The video will definitely give you new goals to achieve.

Watch the Video, Enjoy

Video uploaded on SmartLocal YouTube Channel.


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