You may have heard about Lucknow and it’s Tehzeeb and Zubaan. That Aap and Janaap Thingy. I know I am proud of it too.

But there is another kind of language that only a Lucknowi can relate to, and I am the most product of it. If you are from Lucknow you might already know them, but if you don’t learn them and use them on a daily basis if you are a true Lucknowite.

Matter: Jab Doston ka Matter Ho Jaye!

Bhaukaal: Aur apna Bhaukal Dikhan Ho

Ama Yaar: When you get comfortable with someone, you start calling them Ama yaar

Tafrih: When you are pulling someone’s leg

Chichaledar: when someone making a mess out of something

Toota: When you are asking for Change

Kantaap: It’s one tight slap, but sounds better when you say, Kantaap.

Masla: If there is some Masla/Issue in Life

Waahiyaat: It’s the worst kind of insult in an epic way

Dehati: When someone has no sense of stlye or class

Itrana: When people show off and try show swag

Beghairat: The one who lacks apathy



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