Kulcha Nahari at Mubeens Lucknow | The Foodwalk EP 07

In the 7th episode of the Lucknow food walk, we went to the Mubeen’s which is quite famous for the Nari kulcha in Lucknow. I have had the Nahari Kulcha earlier in a Ramzan a couple of times in last few years of my stay in Lucknow.

So, when I started Lucknow tips of a few months ago, going to Bubeen’s and creating content around its delicious offerings was on the top of my list, but before I do that I wanted to be efficient in creating good videos.

After creating a bunch of videos for the YouTube channel of Lucknow tips and some other channels, we (I and Faiz, the camera guy) took out a Sunday in the month of December and headed to the old in Lucknow early in the morning so that we can capture  more of it.

So we created two videos before going to the Mubeen’s, first, we created the video of Makhan Malai available the Gol Darwaza, and the second video was of the Bada Imambara.

When we reached Mubeen’s to Shoot the video, the battery of our DSLR camera was dead and we had to use my mobile phone and the action camera for shooting the video of Mubeen’s.

It is quite an irony that I waited so long so that I could be efficient before I make the video of MUbeen’s but when we finally started doing it, I had to do it with limited resources.

Another bad thing happened was the audio hiccups, which was too much that I had to use voiceover for this particular video.

But, surprisingly the Gods of YouTube decided to put this video in front of all the foodies Who keep checking food videos, which made this is one of the most watched videos on our channel which gave us quite a boost in the number of subscribers.

I am actually writing this blog post after a month of posting the video on YouTube (which also gives you the reason why you should subscribe to the Lucknow tips YouTube channel if you want to watch the videos ASAP)  the video has crossed 50,000 views and we are about to reach 1000 Subscribers, though it does not change anything, but gives motivation to create more amazing content around Lucknow.

If you haven’t watched the video of you can do it right now which is embedded below, Also make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss any other video that will be uploaded in coming days. I’ll shut up now for you to enjoy the video.






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