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This is usually the first and most people delete it, I just update it manually so that when enough time has passed I can come back to this post and see how it started.

Lucknow is the place where I was born, it is the place where I spend a majority of my life, I love my City and there are many, who, like me, as passionate about the city.

Why is Lucknow special to Lucknowites?

When someone asked this question on Quora, plenty of people came out and answered why. 
Vikram lists the great institutional places the city has while Prashant says he feels it’s cool when outsiders call him Nawaab-e-Lucknow. 
Sumita feels Nostalgic about her time in Lucknow in the 70s. Indeed, the city is all about Nostalgia for me, being the kid of the 90s, I remember my time in Lucknow in the 90s.
Do check out this thread on Lucknow if you have time, 
Padhna Zaroor, Mazaa Ayega!!





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