Lucknow is known for a lot of things, the Food, the culture, the heritage, the Pani Batasha and the list goes on.

Lucknow also makes its way to the Prime Time discussions on the TV for being one of the most political capital city in India.

What Lucknow is not famous for, is it’s fashion.

Even though Lucknow is a home of Chikankari, and some of the best ethnic wears popular worldwide. The city is rarely referred as a hip city.

I feel the street fashion has a room for improvement, and I sat down to find some of the best Instagrammers who are trying to make sure Lucknow comes at par with other big cities of the country.

While Men on the streets of Lucknow also need an upgrade, let’s tackle this in small steps. And in this post, we have these Instagrammers help the girls.

Shrizan Singh (@shrizans)

Shrizan Singh is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger who shares her fashion secrets at

Confused about what to wear on Eid? or want to get that perfect wedding look? Her Instagram page will fill with inspirations and ideas for your next wear.

Follow Shrizans on Instagram to up your fashion game.

Jagriti Singh (@sheprettylaw)

With the style tips Jagriti has to offer, she makes sure your look doesn’t get unnoticed when you walk up on the streets of the city of nawabs.

Eager to make bold style statments in a city known to be conservative? you’ve got company and quote a well indeed.

Go to her Instagram page and get inspired.

Pallavi Singh (@pallavi.singh_official_)

Pallavi is a Fashion & Beauty Blogger from the City of Nawabs. At first glance, she seems to be coming out straight from a fairytale movie, with her pretty face and a sense of style she hooks you up with best outfits and products to make yourself look prettier.

Follow her Instagram page, she has got a lot to offer.

Ishita Verma (@ishitavermaa)

her Instagram page is filled with enough ideas that you’ll never get stuck on deciding how to slay that next outing.

Her page compliments her Blog, The Wild Spirit official and does a great job at detailing every look you want to make your own.

Follow her Instagram page if you don’t want to wear boring clothes.

Gauri Singh & Divisha Manghnani (@bloggers.without.borders)

Next in the list is Gauri & Divisha who run a blog called Bloggers without Borders. Their sense of style and fashion hits the bull’s eye in bringing the urban look to the streets of Lucknow, something the City is in need of.

Their Instagram page is a preview of what their blog has to offer, so make sure to check out their blog as well after you are done following them on Instagram.

Vartika Saraswat (@thewinsomesoul)

Though Vartika shares enough inspirations for your next look her blog with the same name The Winsome Soul, gives more information in detail about every outfit she wants to inspire you with.

Follow her Instagram page and visit her blog and be fashionable.

Shikha Singh (@thatlucknowgirl)

Shikha, on her blog, That Lucknow Girl, shares everything from what outfit to wear to what accessories will go well with it.

And not only that, who hooks you up with the direct links to purchase the things to actually get the look you desire.

Follow her on Instagram and do visit her blog.

Insia Naqvi (@insianaqvi_)

Miss Naqvi is a fashion and beauty blogger who blogs at Fashion Weed. and surely her blog post will give you high of a different kind, a high of Fashion and style to kill it on the streets of Lucknow.

Follow her Instagram and Visit her blog.

Ritu Singh (@beyoutifulbeyouu)

Ritu is a lawyer by Professional and Fashion Blogger by Passion. Her Instagram page compliments her Fashion blog, which covers outfit of the days type posts to fix their daily wear fashion.

Follow her Instagram page for daily fashion tips.

Shivangi Yadav (

Shivangi Blogs at FashionMirror, and runs an Instagram account with the same name.

Can you believe it’s her Dad’s Shirt?

Her blog posts give you ideas about your next wear hack, she tells you how to make the best use of something that is old, unusable or has been lying there in your wardrobe from a long time.

So this is it, we hope this was enough fix if this helped you let us know on our Facebook page. We are a young ‘Lucknow Only’ portal that aims to bring the best of the city in one place. Help us spread the word. Enjoy other posts. 



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