Power of Social Media: The Cop who thrashed old Rikshaw Puller at Charbagh got Suspended

I saw a video in the morning that I even shared on our Facebook channel, the video is one of those that boils your blood and you start cussing the whole system.

The video was recorded by a witness who uploaded it on Facebook. And that’s the only thing he had to do as rest of the things were taken care of by the people on Social Media.


The Video went viral and reached the higher authorities resulting in the Cop getting suspended.

According to this report by India Today website, the recorded video is of the incident that took place on Friday, at Charbagh.

If it was not for Social Media, this incident would have been forgotten like so many other that happen on a regular basis. But let’s be optimistic and welcome such strong actions by the Railway Police Department to suspend him.

Kudos to the guy who used his Mobile Camera to record this incident that brought justice to the poor Rikshaw Pullers of the area.

So guys, keep your Smartphones handy and record any injustice that you encounter on the roads. You can send us on our Facebook page Lucknow Tips, we shall share it further.

Let’s work together to make our city a better place.





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