Cinematic Glimpse of The Hussainabad Clock Tower in Lucknow

Aasman Ki Kya Hai taaqat jo Chhodaye Lucknow.
Lucknow Mujhpe Fida, Main Fidaye Lucknow

I am sure you may have heard this even if you do not belong to Lucknow,  Lucknow is a place of Tehzeeb, Culture, and Delicious food.  I started Lucknow tips last year but it was on my mind to create something like this ever since  I started living in the City which was almost A decade ago.

Even though I have got work to do like everybody else I’d like to spend my time in exploring the city and also creating create content around the city so that other people from the city as well as from outside of the city can enjoy in experience what this wonderful city has to offer.

This is a small footage of the Hussainabad Clock Tower that we shot during one of our visits to the Old Lucknow, and I know that this video does not, at all, do justice to the magnificent structure of the clock tower and hopefully, in future, I will be creating a dedicated video around this.

But I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this,  the feeling that I get when I look at structures like this Lucknow is so much to offer and we have got so much to cover so if you are visiting this blog for the first time make sure you connect with us either on the Facebook or on our YouTube channel where we keep posting content  that means not get posted even on the website.

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