Okay so, what’s your favourite pastime? Mine is watching Random Videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Both the Networks are full of Pranks of all kinds, Be it the Golddigger Pranks that are quite popular on Youtube, or be the Rich Beggar with an iPhone prank.

If you though Lucknow is a safe place to live where you will never come across a prankster who will play with you emotions, you are wrong.

Because the Pranks are here

It’s the first time I watched a Prank on YouTube that was from Lucknow. And it has got a whopping 1.3 Million views at the time of writing.

Now being a Lucknowite, who takes a pride in everything Lucknow has to do with, this prank is no less.

The guy who is pranking doesn’t look confident in acting as a beggar and his exaggeration of being cool is little embarrassing, but it’s a nice prank for starters.

The Video is uploaded by NOYB UP32 and we hope to see some more pranks coming in future that will be better.


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