When you are in a new Cty, and the time is limited, you have to make priorities to visit the places and experience the food and culture it has to offer.

With the Internet at your fingertips all the time, things have become easier to Explore. But with more information, more options, there is more confusion.

If you are in Lucknow or planning to be in Lucknow for a few days, this list will come handy to prioritise the things you want to see when if you’ve got time crunch.

Bara Imambara

On the top of everyone’s list in a new city is the famous historical places, because Malls and Shopping Complexes are everywhere, and they all look similar.

So the Bara Imambara is what Lucknow has to offer, it should be on the top if you are into historical places. You will end up appreciated the architecture of the heritage.

Rumi Darwaza

Built by Nawab Asaf-Ud-daula in 1784, Rumi Darwaza, as the name suggests, is the Door for entering the Lucknow City.

Chhota Imambara

Built by Muhammad Ali Shah, the third Nawab of Awadh in 1838, the Chhota Imambara. After visiting the Bara Imambara, you can visit the Chhota Imambara by crossing the Rumi Darwaza, as they are built on the same road.

You have to go towards Hussainabad to visit the Chhota Imambara.


Chowk, in older times, meant a place for shopping, so it’s one of the oldest markets in Lucknow.

Quite popular for its variety of food, the Nahari and Kulcha, it’s heaven for foodies and people who love shopping, huge bargaining is a big part of shopping in the Chowk area, so beware of that.

Aminabad for Shopping

If the Chowk doesn’t satisfy your urge of shopping, Aminabad has a lot to offer, from the Famous Chikan Suits to everything a woman wears, you will find at Aminabad. The narrow gallis of Aminabad reside the hidden gems and with some hunting, you’ll get the best deal for your buck.

Aminabad for Tunday Kababi

After Nawab, what Lucknow is really famous for is, the Kebabs, and Tunday Kababi makes sure you’ll remember the City for a really long time, thanks to its Mouth watering kebabs made from secret spices that only Tunday knows.


Photo Credits: loupiote.com

The Residency or the British Residency used to be a resident place for Britishers before the independence. It is a set of buildings that still have got canon shots from the time of War.

It has become a tourist attraction as the place is valued as a historical place with heritage appeal.


The Evenings at Hazratgunj, aka the Sham-e-Awadh is the most memorable evening you’ll spend away from home.

Gunjing, as the locals call it, is a state of mind, that relaxes not only the body but the soul.

The place has a lot of things to offer, from the Fashionable ‘Lovers Lane’ Street to fix your fashion for cheap, to the Chaat of Royal Cafe. It’s just a perfect place to be.

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Ambedkar Park

You might have heard about this one as being the most expensive park ever built in India, with estimated cost being 7 billion rupees, the park is built using red sandstone brought from Rajasthan.

The park is also visible from Aeroplanes passing Lucknow

Janeshwar Misra Park

It’s Asia’s one of Largest Parks, a recent addition to the best places to visit in Lucknow. Check out the Amazing Aerial View of the park.


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