My experience at the Anandi Water Park Lucknow

Summers in Lucknow can be really unforgiving, the temperature goes as much as 48 degree Celsius. You really need to take better care of yourself.

Although, last year, I shared a video about how you can beat the heat, show all the tips and tricks mentioned in the video apply universally everywhere and every year.

I would like to make one addition to it, and it is by staying in water for as long as you can without making it boring. Now usually cannot stay in the shower for the whole day, you definitely can not skip work visa.

But if you have got a day off at your hand and it’s a crazy hot day, you can visit a water park to cool yourself down. The good thing is that there are different types of pools and slides available in the water park so that you do not get bored easily.

Out of a few water parks in Lucknow Anandi is the name that comes as a recommendation from many people. So we decided to check it out on a holiday.

Important Infomation

Entry fee on Weekends ₹800 Adults ₹600 Children above 70cm in height.

Entry fee on Weekdays ₹700 Adults ₹500 Children above 70cm in height.

Pay ₹150 for Costume + Lunch + Cold Drink + Icecream.

You can get Lockers for safekeeping of your belongings.

Been to this water park for the first time but I had heard about it a lot from friends and family.

So, on a weekend in the month of April, when the Mercury was showing no signs of settling down, we decided to take the matter in our own hands decided to you visit this water park to cool ourselves down.

I’m surprised that it is not as big a Waterpark should be, despite it being situated on the exteriors of Lucknow (approx 12kms from the Polytechnic Chauraha).

They could have made it in a large area if it was built a couple of years ago because I believe at that time It wouldn’t have been an issue acquiring land in that area.

But since we don’t have too many options, I think you may consider spending a day here.

There are enough slides for Adults as well as kids. Almost every pool is safe for kids apart from the bigger one where they mimic ocean waves, which is also the key highlight of the entire experience.

The food was also good, the thali consists of Paneer, Tandoori Rotis, Dal, Rice, Raita, Salad and Pickles. Which is quite sufficient.

Overall a good experience, Kids would love it.

Although the water park can accommodate 400-450 guests without getting too crowded, it would have been great if it was spread in a large area.

Rs 800 is a little too pricey but then you cannot put a price on the happiness of your loved ones.

You must visit for one time experience at least.





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